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Our Story

Prepare to be amazed by the incredible work of Gator Media, a media powerhouse that has been shaking up the industry since the dawn of the millennium! With over twenty years of experience under their belt, Gator Media has successfully represented talented individuals and businesses from a diverse range of industries. And they understand that one size does not fit all - that's why they tailor their campaigns to meet each client's unique objectives.

Gator Media's unparalleled understanding of the media and valued connections allows them to cut through the noise and craft magnetic stories that deliver maximum results. From the moment you engage with them, you can expect to be elevated to where you truly deserve to be.

At the helm of this incredible enterprise is none other than the media influencer himself, Gator Kincaid. Since the early 2000s, Gator has been dedicated to connecting people and making a positive difference in the community. Starting his journey with the local radio station WCJM 100.9 FM, he quickly made a name for himself in other media outlets such as television, digital, and community projects.

In 2017, Gator launched his brainchild - Gator Media LLC. His unwavering passion for connecting the community through the love and strength of our Savior Jesus Christ has earned him numerous accolades, including being recognized as the Best Media Personality at the Reader’s Choice awards in 2018 and 2019 by the Valley-Times Newspaper. In 2020, he was also honored as the Valley Haven Volunteer of the Year.

In July 2021, Gator took it up a notch and launched a full-time local internet radio station that serves the communities of East Alabama and West Georgia. The station boasts a complete on-air lineup, including gospel and high school sports programming, covering news and events that impact the community.

"I have truly fallen in love with our community and the amazing people who call it home," Kincaid said. "As a representative of the local media, it's my duty to ensure that we continue to have access to the latest news and events that impact our lives - where we live, work, worship, and send our kids to school," he concluded.


At Gator Media, we strive to do more than just connect people - we aim to connect the community. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Gator Media today and join the journey towards a brighter future!

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Prepare yourself for a tale of passion, determination, and love. Joseph Williams, also known as the iconic 'Gator Kincaid', had spent years in the radio industry, conquering various markets with his talent. But the moment he set foot in the Greater Valley Area in the early 2000s and landed a job with WCJM 100.9FM, he knew this place was special.

Gator was never one to put down roots, but destiny had other plans in store for him. On his very first day, he crossed paths with the love of his life, Kelly. And now, seventeen years later, they stand firmly rooted, intertwined with the community they hold so dear.

"I have fallen head over heels in love with our community and the incredible people who call it home," Gator exclaimed. "As a representative of the local media, it's my duty to ensure that we continue to have access to the latest news that affects us right here, where we live, work, worship, and send our children to school."

Passionate about the future of the Greater Chattahoochee Area, Gator and Kelly have embarked on an exciting new journey - the establishment of Gator Media LLC. And while they are a tad nervous, the support and encouragement from the community have fueled their drive and confidence.

"We are grateful beyond words for the outpouring of support from everyone in the community," Gator gushed. "It's your unwavering support that has given us the courage to chase our dreams and bring you the latest news, exciting community events, and a whole lotta fun along the way!"

So come along and join Gator and Kelly on their thrilling adventure. Thank you for being an integral part of this incredible community!




News You Can Use

Gator Radio is the ultimate entertainment experience, hotter than a fresh RC Cola and Moon pies! Our radio station offers a diverse selection of music that is sure to please the entire Greater Chattahoochee Valley area. We are committed to providing our listeners with quality news that is both informative and family-friendly.


Our unique blend of old-school disc-jockey fare and cutting-edge streaming technology through LIVE 365(r) makes us a groundbreaking program that truly stands out from the rest.


Tune in to Gator Radio for a listening experience that's nothing short of incredible!


Building Community

As an experienced radio professional, I made my way to the Greater Valley Area in early 2000, accepting a position with WCJM 100.9FM. Although I wasn't looking to put down roots, fate had other plans in store for me. On my first day, I met my now-wife, Kelly, and after over seventeen years here, I can say that I'm firmly planted in this wonderful community.

My love for this area has grown over the years, and I am dedicated to ensuring that we have quality coverage of the news and events that impact our daily lives. As a representative of the local media, it's my responsibility to keep our community informed and engaged, whether it's about the issues that affect our workplaces, schools, or places of worship.

Kelly and I are thrilled to announce the launch of Gator Media LLC, and we're grateful for the support we've received from the community. With Gator Media, we plan to bring the Greater Chattahoochee Area the latest news, events, and entertainment, all while having a great time along the way. Thank you for supporting us, and we look forward to serving you!

Personal Brand

The man behind the movement, Gator Kincaid brings you news you can use each and every morning with charm, humor and no spin hard-hitting news you can trust.

Gator's unique style has made him the de facto source for Local news and entertainment and now he's bringing that entertainment home to the greater Chattahoochee Valley area.

To book Gator for a personal appearance contact us today!

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