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90210's Ian Ziering Attacked by Group of Mini Bikers on New Year’s Eve

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Story by Scoop Harrison with Yahoo Enterainment

90210 actor Ian Ziering says he was attacked by a “group of individuals on mini bikes” on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve.

After TMZ posted video of the incident, Ziering offered his version of events in a post on Instagram. “Yesterday, I experienced an alarming incident involving a group of individuals on mini bikes. While stuck in traffic, my car was approached aggressively by one of these riders leading to an unsettling confrontation,” Ziering wrote. “In an attempt to assess any damage I exited my car [sic]. This action, unfortunately, escalated into a physical altercation, which I navigated to protect myself.”

Ziering was with his daughter at the time of the incident and, fortunately, both were unharmed. “[B]ut the incident has left me deeply concerned about the growing boldness of such groups who disrupt public safety and peace,” Ziering said. “This situation highlights a larger issue of hooliganism on our streets and the need for effective law enforcement responses to such behavior. As a citizen and a parent, I find it unacceptable that groups can freely engage in this kind of behavior, causing fear and chaos, while the response from authorities seems insufficient.”

“I have always been an advocate for standing up against intimidation and misconduct, and this incident reinforces my belief in the importance of personal and community safety,” he added. “We must address the underlying issues that lead to such disruptive behavior and ensure that our streets are safe for everyone. I urge city officials and law enforcement to take decisive action against such lawlessness and provide the necessary resources to prevent future occurrences.”

In the video, Ziering is seen confronting a mini biker who apparently struck his vehicle. Ziering soon found himself brawling with several other bikers, before managing to get back into his car and drive away.

TMZ reports that the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the incident.

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