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A Love Offering; Community Donates To The Christian Service Center Ahead Of The Holiday Season

Story by Donna Stewart Dobbs

The Christian Service Center, or CSC, is known to so many in Chambers County for its generosity in the area, and this past Saturday the community donated to the group ahead of the holiday season at LaFayette Heights Baptist Church.

First started out as an in-home service in 1975 by Cheryl Myers and her family. The Christian Service Center has provided assistance to families for over 45 years.

“When we started, we were foster parents and saw first-hand how many children in our community were in need. We started out small, just calling and asking churches if they had any extra items they could give. We would get things like clothes, small appliances, and children's mattresses. From there it grew to what it is today” stated Myers.

In 1990 the CSC became established under the east liberty baptist association, and today they are now their own non-profit organization.

“At first we really worried if we were gonna be able to do this because the funds were so tight. I remember one month we didn’t have the money to pay our water bill. The next day my family and I went to the lake to pick up cans to sell, and I remembered the night before I dreamed of finding a package of money. Sure enough, I found a package, and in it was just enough money to pay our water bill for that month. After that, we decided not to worry about money anymore. We knew that God is and will always be there for us.” added Myers.

Usually, the CSC has enough supplies to last them up to 2 months. But right now they are short on supplies. The Christian Service Centers' main goal is to help those in need. Every week they give food, and many other supplies, to those in need.

“Our main need right now is canned goods, to be prepared for thanksgiving and weekly needs”, said Meyers.

The CSC also takes donations of toys to help families at Christmas time as well.

“The one thing we are not in need of right now is clothes, we recently had an anonymous donation of 7,000-8,000 dollars worth in brand new clothes. This is going to be such a blessing for Christmas time. “God truly does provide in miraculous ways by now I should be used to it. But every time I am even more amazed by what God can do.”, added Meyers.

To donate or request needed goods you can call or text 334 476 2605. You can also drop off canned goods and donated items such as toys, small appliances, or cleaning supplies. Located at 5342 Cusseta Road Lanett Alabama 36863. Drop-off times are Monday, Wednesday, and, Thursday 9-12 eastern time.

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