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A Natural Fit: Meyer's Family Lead Christmas Parade

Some things are just meant to be, a natural fit if you will, and having the Meyer family as the Grand Marshall for this year's Valley-Wide Christmas Parade is about as perfect of a pair as you could get. The Meyer's generosity throughout the Valley with their work at the Christian Service Center embodies what our community is all about.

"When we started thinking about the Grand Marshall for the parade, we just could not think of a better group. The Meyers family has done so much for families in our community. They have helped so many, and I can't think of anyone more deserving of being Grand Marshall than them. When you think of those that have had an impact on our community, it's hard not to think of them", said Valley Parks & Recreation Director Laurie Blount.

The Christian Service Center is now in its 32nd year of providing for those in need in the Valley area, and according to Executive Director Cheryl Meyers started out of their house with her husband Herman in 1975. Today, the Christian Service Center is operated by the entire family. A flattered Meyers spoke to the Chambers Ledger on what it means for her, and her family to be named Grand Marshall.

"It's just so humbling. God put our family together, and we are just blessed to be able to do the work. We are also blessed with so many amazing volunteers to help us as well. We are just so thankful to serve our community", said Meyers.

The holidays can be tough, frustrating, and yes depressing. In today's economy, there are unfortunately more without, but thanks to the Meyers family, and the Christian Service Center the number of those without food, and other items is far less than it is in other areas. That's just part of the impact they have had on Chambers and Troup County.

The Meyers family is currently hard at work taking up donations to distribute to needy families in the Valley and continue to serve the community. Something we are all grateful for.

Thank you Meyer's family, we are truly appreciative.

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