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Alabama Supreme Court Associate Justice Sara Stewart To Run For Chief Justice In 2024

Alabama Supreme Court Associate Justice Sarah Stewart, a candidate for the Republican nomination to run as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, spoke at the East Alabama Republican Assembly on Monday.

“I will fiercely safeguard our freedoms enshrined in the Constitution – from the right to praise God freely to the power of state government,” Justice Stewart announced. “Five of the original ten amendments to the US Constitution are about the justice system, and as Chief Justice, I want Alabamians to be confident in the strength of our courts,”said Stewart in an interview with the Alabama Political Reporter in January shortly after announcing her bid for candidacy for Chief Justice,

Before joining the state’s highest court, she worked for thirteen years as a circuit judge in Mobile. In 2014 she was elected to a six-year term on the Alabama Supreme Court. She is now running for the Republican Party nomination for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in the March 2024 primary election. The state court’s top job is currently held by Chief Justice Tom Parker who is retiring.

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