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Allen Awarded VPD Officer Of The Quarter

Pictured above from Left to right are Valley Police Officer and Valley Police Chief Mike Reynolds

VALLEY- Earlier this month, the Valley Council recognized Valley Police Officer Devonte Allen for his outstanding service. Allen was awarded Officer of the Quarter by Valley Police Chief Mike Reynolds.

"During this last quarter, he answered 319 calls, took 2o reports, 16 wrecks, stopped 412 cars, wrote 168 tickets, 101 warnings, 28 misdemeanor arrests out of those stops, and 5 felony arrests as well as serving 44 warrants", said Reynolds as he addressed the council.

Afterward, Reynolds presented Allen with the Officer of the Quarter Certificate of Achievement from July 1st through September 30th of 2022.

The Valley Council showed their appreciation as well as others in attendance with well-deserved applause.

"We appreciate all the hard work that our police department and our police do to keep our city safe", said Valley Pro Tem Randall Maddox.

A very humble Allen previously with the LaFayette Police Department was grateful for the appreciation.

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