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An Early Christmas Present: Two LHS Students Receive Brand New Bikes

LANETT- On Monday, two Lanett High School students an early received an early Christmas gift. Junior Antasia Brooks and Sophmore Taelin Barrow were the recipients of two brand-new bicycles courtesy of the City of Lanett, and Lanett Parks and Recreation.

The presentation was made during the Student Council Kickback Fundraiser held at Lanett Parks and Recreation’s gym.

Pictured above from left to right Kelley Walton from the City of Lanett, Antasia Brooks, and Assistant Principal Nanette Cullwell.

Pictured below from left to right are Kelley Walton from the City of Lanett, Tristan Meadows from Lanett Parks and Recreation, Taelin Barrow, and Principal Bryant Lumpkin

Brooks and Barrow had no idea they had been selected when they showed up to the basketball game on Cherry Drive and were delighted when the Lanett Parks and Recreation called out their names and rolled out the brand new bikes onto half court.

"Walmart reached out to us and asked if would like to give them away to deserving students. We just thought this would be a nice thing to do for these two students", said Lanett Parks and Recreation Director Trent McCants.

The students were recommended by their teachers, and according to McCants, Lanett Parks and Recreation will be doing the same thing for two Springwood students next week.


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