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CCDA To Seek Food Site Certification For Valley Industrial Parks

VALLEY, CHAMBERS COUNTY, AL (April 18, 2022) – Valerie Gray, Executive Director of the Chambers County Development Authority, announced today their plans to seek Food Site Certification for both Valley Industrial Parks (North and South). This process, in cooperation with Garner Economics LLC and CDG Inc. will position the City of Valley’s industrial parks to attract new business to the region.

The properties, located at 1033 Valley Industrial Boulevard and the 3800 Block of 55th Street SW, adds to the growing list of sites available statewide for companies looking to begin construction and commence operation as quickly as possible.

“To continue our momentum, we must be proactive in creating product where site selection consultants know their clients’ businesses can thrive,” said Gray. “A certified food and beverage site gives us an advantage over our competitors in that we can offer a shovel ready site that has been vetted through a rigorous process of review by renowned professionals in economic development. In today’s environment it’s all about speed to market.”

According to Garner and CDG, Inc., there are 47,800 companies in the United States that are defined as food and beverage (F&B) process manufacturers. The industry continues to expand despite economic recessions and has continually evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers. Combined, these companies employ more than 1.9 million people.

Gray outlined what is included with certification. “Receiving certification is not a given and is in fact a rigorous process,” she said. “This will require the CCDA team to work together with the local utilities and our allies in Alabama to achieve designation. The deliverables are a concise database record for hundreds of valuable criteria and variables necessary to support the critical business decisions of a food industry manufacturer considering your location.

“A comprehensive labor analysis focused on the workforce requirements of the food and beverage industry will be part of the certification process. This presents solid information to help persuade prospective clients of the value of your site. A building layout from engineers so that a prospective client can see how a building may be defined on the site(s) analyzed will also be included. And finally, the process includes a report, with the Garner + CDG Food Site Certification label. If the site does not meet the criteria, an explanation of what needs to be done will be provided to achieve the Certification.”

Valley Mayor Leonard Riley spoke about what the new site certification means for the future of the community. “The Council and I are pleased that the CCDA is taking such a proactive approach on the product we have purchased,” he said. “This process just solidifies our investment in economic development and sends a message to companies that Valley is open for business and ready for development.”

About CDG and Garner Economics.

CDG, Inc. has been an active force in the evolution of infrastructure and environmental projects since 1946. From greenfield sites to expansion projects, CDG brings more than engineering. The CDG team presents forward-thinking design, client advocacy, funding acquisition assistance, and a desire to guide business, industry and community leaders through projects from initial vision to final transformation. CDG strives to leave clients with a finished project that not only surpasses expectations but leaves a legacy that shows tangible signs of progress.

Garner Economics offers site selection, analytical research, industry targeting, strategic planning and organizational design to companies, communities, and organizations globally. Based in Atlanta, GA, the firm has representative offices in both Europe and Asia.

To view information regarding the City of Valley or the Chambers County Development Authority, please visit their respective websites and

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