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Chambers County Commioners Renew Amwaste Contact

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Story by Gator Kincaid

LAFAYETTE- Despite some reservation, the Chambers County Commision voted in favor of extending the Amwaste Solid Waste, and Water Disposal contract.

The contract is good for three years, and despite reservation all commisioners with exception to Commissioner James “Moto” Williams voted yes.

"I just feel like Amwaste did not fulfill all they said they would do prior to the first contract. I understand that things happen, but I just can't vote yes to a contract renewal at this time", said Williams.

Commisioners Charlie Williams, Sam Bradford, and David Eastridge echoed Williams position, however voted yes, be it with caution, but voted yes.

The biggest complaint from citizens regarding Amwaste is timely trash pick up, something Amwaste is fully aware of, and is working to improve on in the present as well as the future.

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