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Chambers County School District Observe Constitution Day

Last Friday, September 16th, students and staff in Chambers County Schools celebrated Constitution Day across the school district. Constitution Day is an American Federal government initiative to observe and recognize the adoption of the U.S. Constitution on the 17th of September. The date commemorates the delegates from the Constitutional Convention signing the official document that would become our Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787, in Philadelphia, PA.

A 2004 amendment passed by Congress officially established the holiday and the mandate for educational programs in our schools in the history of the American Constitution. Chambers County Schools hosted multiple activities across the school district to promote Constitution Day. Superintendent Casey Chambley noted that the building principals and teachers across the system were doing a great job of teaching citizenship with this activity. Below are just some of the events and activities conducted for the CCSD’s observance of Constitution Day:

At Bob Harding-Shawmut Elementary School, Principal Tana Cannon and her staff had a great day recognizing Constitution Day with their students. Students and staff from across BHS joined together to create a magnificent colorful U.S. flag made of handprints from the school’s community that was posted in the school’s main hallway. The flag included each child, teacher, and staff member's handprint from the Shawmut School community. Additionally, students from K4 – 2nd grades all worked together to create their class Constitutions. Each grade level participated in various activities to celebrate a wonderful Constitution Day while showing that Shawmut Tribe Pride!

At Huguley Elementary School, Principal Phillip Jenkins and his staff used the Constitution Day theme for multiple learning activities for students. The teachers also worked together to incorporate activities and events to focus on developing civic awareness of the Constitution for students. Fifth-grade classes discussed the origin of the Preamble to the Constitution and then created a “We The People” focus wall. Kindergarten and first-grade classes created an American flag using handprints from students. Students also researched the Constitution and even signed their own versions. All of the Huguley students viewed a short video clip during the morning huddle regarding the importance of the Constitution. The student body even kicked off SGA officer campaigns whereby students will be able to vote on their candidate after they present their campaign speeches on Sept. 29th during the Huguley School assembly. Students in third-grade classes researched a Constitution Day activity during their time in centers working together to understand the impact of this document.  

Pictured above: Kindergarten students at Huguley Elementary School show off their Constitution Day artwork with their teacher Ms. Newton.

Below is the Kindergarten Constitution the students produced and signed at Huguley Elementary School.

Constitution Day Spirit wear on display at Eastside Elementary School is pictured below:

Fairfax students display Constitution Day artwork.

Fairfax students enjoyed red, white, and blue desserts for Constitution Day.

Pictured below is that Constitution Day spirit from Fairfax Elementary School!

More Constitution Day Patriotism from Fairfax Elementary School as well as LaFayette HS Constitution Day spirit in sidewalk art.

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