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Chambers County Schools Place Emphasis On Safety Protocol Amid National Mass Shootings

Story by Jody Stewart

LAFAYETTE- With the recent uptick of gun violence in our nation, the Chamber County Public Safety, local law enforcement and school officials are taking measures to be better prepared to protect our schools and our children.

Chambers County School Superintendent Casey Chambley expressed his worry and fear of such horrific events. “Being the Superintendent I always worry about the what ifs.” Chambley explained that the school district has had a safety protocol in place for about seven years. During an active shooter event the Chambers County School system has a hide, run, fight system.

LaFayette Police Chief Rampey said, “You can not think that this would never happen in our schools we have to be prepared. Truly no one can be completely prepared for such an event.

Rampey went on to explain that we all must work together and be prepared for such an event. Rampey said that last week the Chamber County Public Safety called a meeting and is planning a real-life scenario of an active shooter event. Rampey said all parties from the school system to laws enforcement and medical teams will come together and collaborate on how to best handle such an event. Rampy, “This would help better prepare the schools, law enforcement and all involved.”

Rampey went on to say, “We working on the necessary steps to make sure our kids in Chambers County are safe.”

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