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Chambers County Woman Voices Frustration Over Neighbors Noise

LAFAYETTE- On Monday, Chambers County resident Linda Davis spoke about her displeasure with the current noise ordinance in Chambers County at the Chambers County Commission.

"Right now I'm being tormented, and tortured daily by the noise of my neighbor. I don't care if anybody plays their guitars, but why should I have to listen to it in my house over my T.V.? I have talked to Sheriff Lockhart, and I've talked to Major T.J. Wood. You can hear it at my house, across the railroad tracks, and on Kilpatrick road. He just laughs and thinks it's funny. I've asked him to just turn it down", said Davis.

Sheriff Lockhart has had his deputies respond when a call comes into 911 dispatch, but when they arrive they hear nothing. Lockhart has advised Davis to record the disturbance to have proof.

County Attorney told Davis that although the county has a noise ordinance as it pertains to public places, and establishments, her problem seems to be at home.

He then asked Nelson if she would be willing to talk to the Sheriff about signing a warrant for disorderly conduct, which has a provision that is a class C Misdemeanor.

No word as of yet that Davis signed a warrant.

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