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Chambers School Superintendents Urge Citizens To Vote Yes On Continued 6-mill Ad Valorem Tax

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Just ahead of Tuesday's 6-mill Ad Valorem Tax in a special election, where voters in Chambers County will have the opportunity to vote on the continued tax that has been in effect for twenty years, Chambers County School Superintendent Casey Chambley, and Lanett City School Superintendent Jennifer Boyd urged the community to vote yes in a tax that is split between our local schools, and roads, and bridges.

"The renewal of the 6-mill Ad Valorem continued Tax will be on the ballot tomorrow, and I want to encourage everyone in the district to vote yes. It is because of these Ad Valorem taxes that we are able to meet some needs that could not be met through state and federal funding. Our schools are not fully funded by the state or federal government, and our local dollars mean so much to us. The Ad Valorem tax makes up a huge chunk of those local dollars. I encourage all citizens to vote yes on this continued tax", said Lanett School Superindent Jennifer Boyd.

Polls open on Tuesday at 7 am EST. , and in LaFayette at 7 am CST.

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