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Chattahoochee Humaine Society Holds Annual Meeting

Pictured above is the new Chattahoochee Humaine Society Executive Director Amber Mingin

On Monday, the Chattahoochee Humaine Society held its annual meeting from their location.

CHS Board President Dantz Frazier opened up by talking about the improvements in the facility and the importance of pet adoption as well as fostering. Frazier also recognized the board who were in attendance, the staff, and volunteers,

New Director Amber Mingin, who was been the director for five weeks spoke to the local media and community about the shelter and about its euthanization rate which is always a topic of conversation.

"We Haven't had to euthanize for space. since February. A shelter must have at least a 90% placement rate or live release rate for animals to be considered no-kill so technically we are a no-kill shelter and we would like to keep it that way", said Mingin.

"We have updated our website and social media pages to become more transparent with the community", added Mingin.

"The Chattahoochee Humane Society is a facility in Valley, Al. We are a small shelter in a rural area, but we are also the only shelter that services all of Chambers County. At the moment, we only have 16 dog kennels, but we are hoping to expand soon. It is our mission to educate the public on responsible pet ownership and create a world with no more homeless pets", said the Chattahoochee Humaine Society on its website

Afterward, everyone toured the Chattahoochee Humaine Society facility.

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