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Christmas Came Early: 8 Lucky Children Recieve Bicycles

LANETT- Talk about a special night. On Monday, Christmas came a little early for eight children from the area who were the recipients of brand-new bicycles courtesy of the City of Lanett for the annual Christmas Tree Lighting. The annual event was held at the W.O. Lance Playground.

Raffle tickets were drawn, and the lucky winners were selected as children as well as parents were delighted as they made their way to the front of the big stage, and hopped on those brand-new bicycles.

Of the eight winners, two were toddlers, two were girls, two were boys, and two were all-purpose. Lanett Parks and Recreation assisted the children on their new bicycles.

"This is just a good way of giving back, and we love to see the look on the kid's faces", said Lanett Parks and Recreation Director Trent McCants.

The children were beaming as they posed for pictures after receiving their gift. The parents of the children were pretty excited themselves. One lucky Dad's daughter won a bike, and afterward, his son did too.

The bike raffle has long been a big hit of the Christmas Tree Lighting event.

Children weren't the only ones who got an early Christmas gift. The City of Lanett drew raffle tickets for gift cards from Cracker Barel, Outback, McDonald's, and many more.

Indeed it was a special night from the Lanett Christmas Tree Lighting.

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