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LaFayette City Council still messing around with the 1¢ sales tax increase

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Story by John West

On Monday evening, the LaFayette City Council voted to suspend its rules in order to vote on the 1¢ sales tax increase. The vote failed 4-2. Councilmembers Mangram, Hunter, and Ellis, along with Mayor Vines all voted for the suspension. Councilmembers Thomas and Williams were the dissenting votes. If the vote had been unanimous, the Council could have moved forward and voted on the 1¢ sales tax increase.

The city council vote will come up again at its Feb 28 meeting.

City Attorney Joseph “Mac” Tucker suggested the suspension of the rule ordinance after adjustments were made to reflect needed changes in the tax ordnance. The last time the city sales tax was increased, a blanket “across the board tax” was used on all items. This time certain items were given a lower rate instead: The primary sales tax will be 5%; the heavy machinery tax went down to 2%; the amusement tax, according to Tucker, is 5%.

Additionally, this version of the ordina