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City Of LaFayette Proclaims Day Of Prayer, And Ennis Is Sworn In As New Councilman

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Story by Jody Stewart

LAFAYETTE- Monday night the LaFayette City council met at the Alfa Building with a larger than normal crowd present. The agenda included the swearing-in of new councilman David Ennis, discussing water rates, and passing a proclamation for LaFayette to have a Day of Prayer.

"We humbly acknowledge our dependence upon God for wisdom, courage, power, and upon the spiritual and moral support of all people of Chambers County, and in so doing, we urge the support of all people in praying for their leaders, thus enabling them to direct

and serve to the best of their abilities as we proclaim August 5, 2022, as a Day of Prayer for Chambers County", read Vines.

Afterward, Councilman David Ennis was sworn in after being appointed at the last council meeting.

"We as duly elected and appointed leaders of the City of LaFayette recognize our civil responsibilities to those whom we serve, and we feel the obligation we have to dutifully fulfill our offices and carry out the function as Mayor and Council of the City of LaFayette", said Ennis as he was sworn in by Judge Calvin Milford.

Ennis a Certified Public Accountant has filled the vacancy left on the LaFayette City Council when Councilman Shannon Hunter resigned a few months ago.

Newly appointed councilman David Ennis thanked the setting council for their unanimous vote to place him on the council.

Mayor Vines, “We were pleased that we received several applications, as a council we agreed on Mr. Ennis because we thought with his past experience as Mayor and him being a certified public accountant he brought a lot to the table.”

The council also had to consider and vote on signing a contract with Spectrum to run a highly advanced internet service to the building for the upcoming Tela-med.

City Clerk Louis Davis explained that Auburn University would reimburse the city for the insulation up to $2500 and reimburse the city for monthly costs up to a certain amount. Clerk Davis explained Auburn’s commitment should more than cover the city’s incurred expenses and the council voted unanimously to sign the contract with spectrum.

Fire Chief Doody explained this was a big first step to kick off the build-out for the Tele-med.

“This internet is not like the internet we have in our homes or offices. Spectrum will be handling a server, many switches, handling cyber security and they will have security cameras that will allow us at the fire department to monitor", said Doody.

Bids for construction will be going out soon and the hope for a December 2022 opening is still in the works.

Mayor Vines also addressed the issue that city employees had not had a cost of living raise since 2014.

“We must take care of our employees. We have to do something about this soon", said Vines.

New Councilman Ennis said this should be addressed in the budget meeting.

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