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Decision Time: LaFayette Awarded Water Treatment Grant, But Must Raise Rates To Recieve

Story by Gator Kincaid

LAFAYETTE- On Monday, Ann Gleaton, Supervisor of the LaFayette water-treatment plant spoke to the LaFayette Council regarding a $745,000 grant for an upgrade of the water treatment system from ADEM, an application that was submitted in January under the State Revolving Fund. The City of LaFayette has been awarded the grant with one exception.

Great news right? However to receive this grant the city must bring its rates up. Something the city has not done since 2011, and currently stands as one of the lowest rates in the state of Alabama. The city has not raised rates since 2011

This great would dramatically improve the current water system in the state, and provide citizens with much-improved water, but in order to do this, the council must either raise the rate even if it's a minor increase or risks losing the grant.

Something Gleaton urged the council to consider doing, but the clock is ticking, and ADEM needs an answer soon.

"When you see red in a department there are problems. We need this rate increase to qualify for the grant which will keep us from having to borrow money from the bank. It just makes financial sense", said LaFayette Mayor Kenneth Vines

Vines has called for a work session on Wednesday to discuss the matter along with the council.

The reality is that nobody likes to see rates go up, but it is this reporter's opinion that investing in one's community is necessary for growth.

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