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Pastor Bogey Cotney, Upper Room Church

In Galatians 3:1, Paul asked the Galatian churches, " We has bewitched you"? Paul was simply saying that for some reason they had turned their back on the Lord Jesus so soon after giving their life over to him. In the original language of the New Testament (Greek) the word Bewitched is very haunting. It means to -"Cast a spell" or "To be fascinated". Paul was asking, "Who or what has fascinated you so much that you would turn away from the Lord so quickly?

There are many things in our society that fascinates people. Religion, the cult, & the worldliness of evil are just a few. These are very fascinating, and keep people "Spellbound"!

In this day, and time, we need to be, and stay fascinated with Jesus. He is the only one that has ever been 100% real in our lives.

Today, allow Jesus to be the #1 priority in our life. Jesus loves you unconditionally, and always will.

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