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End Of An Era: Valley Bowl Closes Lanes, Snack Bar To Remain Open

Story by Gator Kincaid

VALLEY- On Saturday, July 2nd, Valley Bowl ended a tradition that has been going on for nearly sixty years as Valley Bowl officially turned off the lights.

Established December 19th, 1962, Valley Bowl has been a staple in the area for almost half a century. A community that grew up enjoying bowling, be it league, or just for fun was disappointed with the recent news that the bowling alley will be no more, Owners James, and Harry Caldwell cited the current troubling economic times, as the reason for the closure of the bowling lanes. Fortunately, for loyal patrons, Valley Bowl will continue the tradition of the snack bar, known for there mouth-watering hamburgers.

So many in the community were devastated by the news including Blain Turner, who was raised in the bowling alley. Turner is the grandson of former owners W.A. and Wynette Williams and currently serves as the Chaplain for the Chambers County Sheriff's Department.

"I remember 1995, that's my earliest memory. That's when my grandmother and grandfather bought the bowling alley, and that's where I spent my years growing up. Anybody that knows me, knows that I could either be found under the counters asleep or taking the score. That was my first job, taking scores for league bowlers. There are a lot of memories, a lot of friendships throughout the years, and just a lot of good times at Valley Bowl", said Turner.

Valley Bowl was more than a bowling alley, it was family, friends, and yes a community hangout that brought us all together.

"League Bowlers, get your lanes back on the first ball when the pins come down. Good luck, and good bowling", added Turner, when asked to describe the legacy of Valley Bowl in one sentence.

Yes, the lanes at Valley Bowl may be closed, but the memories live on.

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