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Fairfax Elementary Locks It Down, Follows Safety Prot0col

On Thursday, Fairfax Elementary followed school safety protocol, and as a result, had a lockdown for a very brief time before continuing with normal activities.

"On this date at approximately 9:14 A.M. officers of the Valley Police Department received a call of a suspicious male on the grounds of Fairfax Elementary School. The caller advised that the male was possibly carrying a shotgun.

At that time, Fairfax Elementary was placed on lockdown. Officers immediately responded to the school where a search for the suspicious male was started. A male matching the description was located approximately four blocks from the school at the intersection of Lafayette Street and Boulevard. The male was identified and searched. He was not carrying a weapon at the time he was stopped", said Valley Police Chief Mike Reynolds in a press release.

" This is why we have these safety guidelines in place, and the teachers, along with staff followed them", added Chambers County School Superintendent Casey Chambley. Superintendent.

Officers continued searching the school grounds as well as side streets for any type of weapon, but none was found. There was no entry to any school buildings by the suspect and there were no injuries reported. The scene was cleared and turned over to school officials at 10:00 A.M.

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