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Future Growth: City Of Lanett To Begin East Alabama Regional Planning Riverfront Project

Story by Gator Kincaid

LANETT- On Monday, Lanett Mayor Jamie Heard, and Council unanimously passed a resolution for the city to begin action on an East Alabama Regional Planning Riverfront Project. A move that delighted Councilman Tony Malone, who has been advocating for such action for a number of years.

"We as members of this council come here twice a month. We vote and pass many things that are important to the citizens of this great city. Those citizens have often asked, what kind of plans other than the continued plans of the airport do we have for the average citizen to enjoy? Now, these questions didn't just start. They have in fact been a continuing quest. I personally have always been for a progressive city and know that as neighboring cities like West Point, and Valley grow, we grow. With that being said, we must be ready, if not we will be left behind. I feel that Lanett too can compete, and be vital into the next century. Yes, we all know that our city infrastructure can stand an upgrade. We need new water lines, and gas lines, paving of streets, and sidewalks, substation upgrades, public housing, and new public housing units, the list goes on. Everyone that serves on this council would love to see all these improvements, and yes we can make it happen. This evening this mayor and council put the talk into action by approving the contract with East Alabama Planning Regional regarding the development of the Chattahoochee River as well as creating a major comprehensive plan that will position this city for future growth because it is coming" said Malone after the council approved the resolution.

Malone has talked to me throughout the years about his enthusiasm for the Chattahoochee River, and what it can bring to the city of Lanett.

The citizens of this city should be happy to see that after years of talking about it by previous administrations this mayor, and council have acted on developing land on the Chattahoochee River. One day you will see walking and hiking trails, boat ramp access, an amphitheater, picnic gravel, and with the IDA working on the mill site, we can also see some form of retail place. We have a strong plan in place, and they are ready to make this city better. The best is yet to come if we work together", added Malone.

The Lanett Mayor and Council are no doubt excited for the future of Lanett.

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