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“Gilder Brunch with Purpose”

Story by Narfunda Ross

Photo Credit Doresa Gilder

“My purpose is to WIN” says Gilder at her recent networking brunch held at SIP Café. “Each of us have the opportunity to win. “

This networking event was designed for us to collaborate and engage with one another in a healthy environment” continues Gilder.

On Sunday, November 27, downtown West Point, Doresa Gilder hosted Women Intentionally Networking Brunch for ladies who have similar goals of entrepreneurship. This event was to build each other, for growth and personal development. Guest speaker Sherquera Bass, an elementary counselor for Troup County School System shared the seven pillars of self care. “As a business owner, we forget self while wearing multiple hats. We also forget how to differentiate between fatigue and “overwhelmed”.

WIN also had Jatorra King to share information about the benefits of networking. King stated networking is a connector of resources and an opportunity to sell to potential clients. In conclusion, Doresa stated “women must understand networking is essential to any business owner”. That is how WIN, Women Intentionally Networking was birthed.

When asked what are some significants to event planning, Gilder responded “Being a corporate event planner, one must choose an environment that enhances your purpose.

SIP Café is a local, locally owned and operated by a woman and we as women need to embrace each other more. It’s a sisterhood to WIN”. Gilder also decorated for the networking event.

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