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Greater Valley Area Hit Hard With Rain Over The Weekend Causing Flooding In Some Areas

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Story by Gator Kincaid

Story by Gator Kincaid

On Saturday just after noon, mother nature made its presence felt with a downpour of rain causing flooding in portions of Troup, and Chambers County. Flooding that resembled December of 2015. This flood produced damage that is still being felt in the area as public works departments are still surveying, and trying to repair it.

Lanett seem to be hit the hardest as motorists were directed off Hwy. 29 to alternate routes. The intersection of Fob James Drive, and Hwy. 29 in Valley was also affected. The northern part of Chambers County also received heavy doses of rain. City of Valley Public Works Director Patrick Bolt spoke to the Valley Mayor, and Council on the matter Monday night.

"From Saturday's flooding, we had two residents, one commercial building that suffered flood damage on the lower floors, and we are going to address those through our insurance company. We also had several roads flood over, some even collapsed, and some sanitary sewer lines are now in jeopardy. Our main ones that need repair right now are between 809, and 811 Fairwood Drive in the Fairfax community. That's a 36-inch pipe that's collapsed, as well as that sewer line that we will repair, and then open that road back up. The biggest road in need of repair is on 24th avenue near Cleveland Road next to Valley High School. That pipe consists of three 72-inch barrels of pipe that cross under Cleveland Road that feeds into three 36-inch pipes. That particular break collapsed the headwall and flooded over a residents fence at 139 Cleveland Road. We will start on this project immediately", said Bolt.

Bolt believes that the work on Fairwood Drive can be completed in the next few weeks, 24th avenue off Cleveland Road will be shut down until materials come in for the repair.

As for Lanett, I spoke with Lanett Fire Chief Johnny Allen on the status of Streets in the city due to Saturday's flooding.

"Per normal protocol, we monitored the water levels where the creek sits on North 11th Ave. otherwise known as Thrill Hill, and right after it was like the bottom dropped. We had our crews working on Thrill Hill, as well as N Lanier Ave, and Gilmer Ave. to drain the high levels. said Allen.

Allen became concerned about the lack of water drainage after the area did not receive any rain and estimated one hour after the initial downpour.

"I called in ALDOT for the flooding on Hwy. 29, and they came down to survey the situation, and to see why the water did not drain, as well as look into drain blockages", added Allen.

Things resumed to normal later Saturday thanks in part to the effort by city employees.

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