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Ham, And Langley Headed For Lee County Commision Run-Off

On Tuesday, voters headed to the polls to cast thier ballots for Lee County Commission, District 4, between incumbent Robert Ham, and challengers Tony Langley, and Greg Boddie in the Republican Primary.

After a long night, Lee County voters decided by a very narrow margin that a run-off would have to decide a winner between the incumbent Ham, and Tony Langley.

Ham recieved 34.5% of the vote, while Langley recieved 33.27%

As for Greg Boddie , he recieved 32.21%, barely missing enough votes.

Ham, and Langley will face off in a run-off for Lee County Commission, District 4 on June 21. and will determine represntation for Beulah, Beauregard, and a portion of Opelika. A mere 61 votes sepreated Ham from Langley, Afterward, Boddie adressed his supporters, and endorsed Langley in his bid for Lee County Commission, District 4.

“I would like to thank all of our supporters and the people who voted for us. I am overwhelmed with the support, especially from the Beulah community. I thank every single person that voted on me for putting your faith in me. It is very clear that most of the people in Lee County, District 4 are ready for new leadership. This was a close one. As the Opelika-Auburn News stated…….

“Lee County Commission, District 4: Talk about a balanced race. And talk about a runoff. Robert Ham got 34.5% of the vote, Tony Langley got 33.3%, and Greg Boddie apparently just missed out with 32.2%. This was a Republican primary with no candidates on the Democratic ballot.”

As we move into the runoff, I encourage you to support Tony Langley. Tony is a good man and will work for the people", said Boddie.

I’m honored to receive the kind words from Greg and I appreciate his friendship and support as I move forward to the runoff election", said Langley in response to the endorsement.

The winner of the run-off will serve as District 4 Commisioner, because there is no canidiates of the Democratic ballot.

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