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Ham Vs. Turkey: The Ultimate Thanksgiving Debate

Story by Antonio Hunt, with Pie Bar

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It's that time of the year again, that time when the oven comes most alive with all sorts of delicious treats being made. From savory to pastry, the kitchen becomes a full-blown battlefield to get everything made in time for the big sit-down! However within all of this baking, a great debate and battle lurk just below the surface. An age-old battle that simply cannot be forgotten, lest the entire meal falls apart at the seams! That being the great debate of the meals centerpiece, turkey or ham! Well, my friend allow me to give you some of the pros of both these titans of holiday meals, so sit back and enjoy as we dig deep to uncover the king of this battle!


Let us start with one fact when you think Thanksgiving you think turkey. This classic is without a doubt the first food that many think of when they think of Thanksgiving, and it is not hard to see why! To say that my mouth waters when I think of having turkey, honestly does not do justice! Regardless if you are having it roasted, pair it with all sorts of delicious seasonings. Also, lord helps me, turkey and gravy may very well be the greatest combo out there. But to top it all off I have not even gotten into the stuffing, the possibilities are endless. So with the icon value, on top of the diverse ways, you can have it. To many, you simply cannot beat turkey for Thanksgiving!

Now that we have heard about turkey, let us take a peek at what ham brings to the table!


To some this may seem like an uphill battle for ham, I mean it is going up against the king of Thanksgiving! But let me assure you, ham is going to make turkey sweat Simply put ham has a simple, but oh-so-satisfying taste that truly screams Thanksgiving! Cutting into ham is like getting a slice of heaven, glorious and oh-so-delicious plus just like with the turkey, you can set up a dream flavor with Ham. From a more savory flavor to the eternally popular honey-baked ham you have got plenty of jaw-dropping options with this delicious meal! Plus just like with turkey, gravy works with it! While ham may not be the face of Thanksgiving, it is a worthy challenger to the throne that is sure to put smiles on the faces of those who eat it!

As you can see both of our champions have brought quite a lot to the table, which is why this debate has always been a fun one to discuss! To me, both of these fine meals are perfect at capturing that Thanksgiving feeling, both in very different ways. So I have presented the strengths of our two fighters and I leave the decision to you, lines have been drawn in the ground and decisions must be made! Regardless of what you choose though, it is sure to make for a delicious meal that will make this a Thanksgiving for the history books!

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