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It's Back; Fredonia Heritage Association Host Circle Of Song

FREDONIA, AL — On Saturday, the Fredonia Heritage Association hosted an old-fashioned outdoor celebration of gospel and country music and praise band performances — a circle of song — from the Fredonia Community House.

"We haven't done this since COVID so this is kinda like putting your toe in the water. Next year we hope to come back with a full Fredonia Heritage Day. I think everyone has been eager", said Fredonia Heritage Association publicist, and board member Elinor Crowder.

Oasis Praise Team from Oasis Church, from White Plains, AL, the Miles High Band from Standing Rock AL.and members of Canaan Missionary Baptist Choir from Five Points had the crowd tapping and dancing.

“This is Fredonia Heritage Association’s first step back in hosting community events from the days before the pandemic when Fredonia Heritage Day was a major annual celebration in our area,” said Association President Lucille Allen Johnson.

“We believe that first sharing a program of thanksgiving and praise would be meaningful to all of us who have gone through a lot in recent years,” she explained. “Hopefully this will lead us back to our earlier celebrations.”

“There are not a lot of such programs offered right now and Fredonia is only a short drive for most,” said Ms. Johnson.

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