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It’s Christmas Time In Time In The City

Story and Photo by Narfunda Ross

WEST POINT- “We come together to celebrate yet another Gala for Christ Musical with a great community-wide presentation in West Point

Gala for Christ was founded in 1994 as an idea and now that idea has come to fruition” says the founder, Bessie Thompson in her season greetings written for the 2022 Gala for Christ. She continues to reminisce on how Christians would dress for church, dinners, and other events and thought it would suitable to give God the best while singing about his only begotten son’s birth, Jesus Christ.

Gala for Christ celebrated its twenty-ninth anniversary on Sunday, December 11 at the illustrious Bethlehem Baptist Church that sits boldly as you travel on what many call ‘tenth street” in West Point, GA, where Rev. W. T. Edmondson is pastor. Pastor Edmondson was there to greet and lead the choir into his beautifully decorated sanctuary.

The Gala for Christ musical was conceived as a dream and became reality with the help of two special friends, James (Pete) Bass and Myron Fears along with Mrs. Thompsons’ desired formal presentation.

Originally formed in 1994, the choir consisted of melodious voices from as far as Tuskegee, AL to West Point, GA. Each year the gala is hosted by a different church to include as many congregations as possible to join in unity as they worship one Lord.

All adorned in black with accents of red while holding pre-lit candles, the choir processed into a darkened sanctuary to the music “Jesus, The Light of the World”. The musical was composed of Part I and Part II of songs that told the story of the birth of Christ.

There was a moment when the committee memorialized those members who have transitioned and are no longer with them. There were program participants who also helped celebrate this joyous occasion.

The program concluded with a “Jesus, What a Wonderful Child”. Gala for Christ was under the direction of lead musician, Myron Fears, as he was also accompanied by various musicians, directors, and instruments.

Next year gala will be held at New Dimension, Valley, where Bishop Donald Lancaster is pastor.

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