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Justice: David Anthony Pike Sentenced For 1985 Murder

LAFAYETTE- On Thursday, in a Chambers County Courtroom, David Anthony Pike appeared before Circuit Judge, Steve Perryman, and plead guilty to the 1985 murder of Calvin Lee Irwin.

Per Chambers County Sheriff investigators, on June 21st, 1985, Pike, 23-year-old Irwin, and a third man involved were gambling at a house close to Valley Bowl, where according to Authorities Pike, and an accomplice allegedly decided to rob Irwin, which escalated, resulting in the shooting death of Irwin. Afterward, Irwin's body was discarded on the side of the road.

Pike, and his accomplice were arrested in the case, but after making bond, he fled, as authorities chased him for 34 years, until he was arrested on detained in Puerto Rico in 2019 on Passport Fraud Charges. Pike was then extradited, and on Thursday was sentenced.

"I was a deputy when this happened, and there were so many who were involved in the capture, many who have now passed. I'm just thankful that we could give the family closure before I retire", said Chambers County Sheriff Sid Lockhart.

Pike was sentenced to 240 months in the Alabama Department of Corrections and is awaiting transfer to their custody.

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