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LaFayette High School Students Honored For Academic Excellence

LAFAYETTE- Last week, LaFayette High School leaders and honor students were recognized by the school in a ceremony held in the school's auditorium. Students were recognized for their excellence in the classroom.

We had 57 students who were recognized and received All A's, All A's/B's, and perfect attendance certificates for their 1st 9 nine weeks. We are also expecting 50 or more to be added to this list for the next Awards Day at the end of the 2nd 9 weeks", said Mrs. Brock-Johnson.

The students were surrounded by teachers, classmates, and family during the ceremony.

Mrs. Brock-Johnson shared with students that when you know better you do better. Her message to her students was to remember that they are a part of the Bulldog Nation.

..."We are a family and we help each other. It doesn't matter where you start....Just Step Up and Expect to Finish Strong", added Mrs. Brock-Johnson.

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