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LaFayette HS Seniors Tour Solar Site Tour

Story by David Owen ,Assistant Superintendent of Education with Chambers County School District

The Chambers County School District partnered with SOLV Energy to coordinate a field trip to visit the companies AL-Solar project located in the city of LaFayette. SOLV Energy staff hosted the LaFayette High School 2022 Senior Class on Thursday afternoon, April 21st for a field trip to the on-site AL-Solar project.

The project site covers over 1,100 acres and is the largest Solar energy initiative in the state of Alabama. The field trip was coordinated as part of recognizing Earth Day as students were reminded of the importance of protecting the environment while living lives to sustain our resources. The environment movement for Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd and is traced back to the first year it was recognized in 1970.

The seniors of LHS were treated to a fence line tour of the facilities overlooking the vast solar energy farm surrounding the outskirts of the LaFayette city limits. The tour was led by a former LHS graduate in Mr. Devon Mackey who serves the SOLV Energy corporation as a Business Operations Coordinator. The seniors were joined by LHS Counselor, Ms. LaWendy Willis who chaperoned the tour.

Students viewed the high-voltage substation and utility solar panels over multiple fields fueling energy markets across America. SOLV Energy is recognized as an industry-leading solar contractor managing sites in 26 states across the USA. The company is committed to renewable energy initiatives with a goal of providing cleaner power, better jobs and brighter futures for the communities they serve.

Pictured below are SOLV Energy representative Devon Mackey with the LaFayette H.S. Senior Class. Mackey detailed to students how a certified technician can earn up to $1,400 a week at the entry level for SOLV Energy.

Pictured above, LHS senior look on as SOLV Energy’s Devon Mackey explains the operations of the companies solar project site to students. Mackey noted that the site operates on a 25 year lease with solar panels covering a vast expanse of acreage that would take 3 to 4 hours to cover on foot. Panels stretched for as far as one could see over the fields on the property below. Mackey emphasized that this solar grid reduces the need to depend on the electricity grid or natural gas resources. The solar panels generate 100% natural energy which is renewable, environment friendly and free. The SOLV Energy efforts are generating wealth and local employment for Chambers County residents.

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