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LaFayette In Need Of New Code Enforcement Officer

Story by John West

The City of LaFayette is trying to move forward without a code enforcement officer. Given the city faces issues with dilapidated buildings, and new committees, someone is needed to make sure city codes are being enforced.

“Our code enforcement officer is no longer with us,” Councilman Ellis said at Monday’s city council meeting. “Can we get someone that’s already in the police dept without having to hire somebody from outside to come in that’s not going to stay here but a couple of months?” Ellis went on to ask if the police dept could handle it.

While other council members indicated the police dept is too short-staffed, Police Chief George Rampey said his dept is trying to find the most economical way to handle the situation. “We’re doing everything we can on our end to work in that area and try to make it to accommodate the budget,” he said.

The police chief indicated that he would sit down with the mayor and decide on possible solutions soon.

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