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Lanett City Schools Striving For Academic Excellence

As the 2022-2023 school year moves along, Lanett City Schools is reflecting as they observe Fall Break.

"Academics are very important to us at Lanett City. We have taken great strides to create an instructional shift in our classrooms. Instead of the traditional teacher-centered rooms, we are transitioning to more student-centered classrooms with hands-on exploration providing our students more opportunities to interact with state standards in real-world situations.

At Lanett, we are making sure we are equipping our students to be independent and to be able to Live, Learn, and Lead outside of the four walls of the classroom. We are focusing on the whole child and not just a test score. We believe we must meet the needs of the whole child before an increase in student achievement can truly occur.

We work together as a team to determine ways we can provide the support each child needs to be successful. We also realize investing in our teachers’ learning is vital. We ensure our staff is provided ongoing, high-quality professional development that is data-driven that will produce an increase in student achievement.

Our teachers are currently participating in LETRS and Number Talks. We plan to continue working with our staff to ensure they have the necessary tools and resources to provide effective and prescriptive instruction to our students", says Lanett City School Superintendent Jennifer Boyd.

That's Lanett City School where excellence is the standard.

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