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Lanett Council Recognizes Resident On 94th Birthday

LANETT- On Monday, Lanett Councilwoman Angela Thomas along with Mayor Jamie Heard, and the rest of the council recognized Mrs. Hattie Olivia Hightower on her 94th birthday. Thomas read a special proclamation for the special occasion.

"Out of all these 94 years, I have really enjoyed life and living with other friends, and neighbors. I have so many wonderful people that love to be with me and do things for me, and I enjoy my children being with me when I can't be by myself", said Hightower who celebrated her 94th birthday as a large group of family, and friends looked on.

Hightower went on to thank the city of Lanett, which has been her home for most of her life.

Afterward, Lanett Recreational Director Trent McCants, and Senior Center Director Sandra Thornton presented Hightower with flowers.

"As the songwriter said, give me my flowers while I am left so that I can see the beauty that they bring. Mrs. Hatt was in my neighborhood, and she didn't have just eight children, she had eight more that lived down the street because when you are a mother in the neighborhood you are everybody's mom. I had the opportunity to listen to that wonderful voice of hers at Evening Spring Baptist Church, and we present these flowers to you on behalf of Carolyn Bailey at It's a Family Affair", said Thornton.

The rest of the council also wished Mrs. Hattie Olivia Hightower a happy 94th birthday.

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