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Lanett Fire & EMS Preform Free Blood Pressure Checks To Seniors

Story by Gator Kincaid

Lanett- Last week Lanett Fire & EMS dropped by the Lanett Senior Center on Cherry Drive to administer free Blood Pressure checks to the seniors as a way of community outreach.

"We just to do this on a regular basis, and it kinda dwindled down a little bit in 2009-2010. However, it's something we have been wanting to bring back for a while, and I am glad we are starting it back on a consistent basis", said Lanett Fire Chief Johnny Allen.

The Lanett Fire & EMS will conduct free Blood Pressure checks every 1st, and third Tuesday of the month.

"I think this is awesome because a cardiovascular event can be silent. You can feel just fine, and be totally out of control, and in the danger zone. It is also a way for seniors to get familiar with responders should something happen", said Lanett Senior Center Director Sandra Thornton.

The Lanett free Blood Pressure checks are also open to other seniors.

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