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No Permit As Of Yet For West Shawmut Day

LANETT- Lanett Police Chief Denise McCain spoke with local media following Monday's Lanett Council meeting regarding West Shawmut Day and the permits, or lack thereof

"The City of Lanett has met with West Shawmut Day organizers and has conveyed to them that there will be no permits, road blockage, or sanctioned gatherings for the event commonly known as West Shawmut Day on 07-30-2023 as of now", said McCain.

The Lanett Police Chief with the support of the Lanett Council cited security risk as the main reason for not issuing the permit.

According to a social media post last week, West Shawmut Day Committee President Melvin Floyd had a great productive meeting with Lanett Mayor Jamie Heard and Chief McCain. However, as of Monday, the event has not been approved.

Although the city is unwilling to issue a permit for West Shawmut Day at this time, the city is in support of celebrating the spirit of West Shawmut which is peaceful for all of the residents

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