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Lanett Wastes No Time In Naming Ronnie Tucker To Serve On Council

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Story by Gator Kincaid

Lanett- On Monday, June 20th, the Lanett Council unanimously voted in favor of Ronnie Tucker to replace Charles Looser for District 3. The move happened less than two weeks after Looser's resignation. A move that has become the topic of many water cooler conversations throughout the community.

To many, the decision to name Tucker in such a quick manner was a surprise, but for those in attendance, it seemed to be orchestrated. However, it is completely within the Alabama code.

"The Council has a window of sixty days to nominate an individual, and that person must be qualified within that district, and comply with all other requirements of law. If the council does not act within sixty days, then each of the council members can submit a name to the Governor for the Governor to make a decision. If Governor does not make a decision within ninety days from the date of the vacancy then a special election is called. It is my recommendation that the council if you feel that you are ready to, fulfill the vacancy for District 3", said Lanett City Attorney Stanley Gray at the previous meeting.

Councilman Tifton Dobbs opened up the meeting by making a motion to amend the agenda, and afterward, put forth the nomination for Tucker followed a second by Councilman Tony Malone, and by a roll call vote to which everyone on the council voted in support.

The only reservation came from Mayor Jamie Heard, who was wanting to table the vote for the next work session. Regardless, Tucker, who ran against Looser before will soon be the next Lanett Councilman for District 3.

Tucker, the former Park and Recreation Director for the city of Lanett for more than twelve years, was terminated in 2016 following allegations of missing funds with Lanett's Parks and Recreation Department. April Ross with Bee TV spoke with Tucker following the announcement.

Tucker will be sworn in at the next Lanett Council meeting in July.

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