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Local Author Signs Copies Of Latest Edition

Fairfax- On Saturday, local author Lanny Bledsoe signed copies of his latest book and the seventh installment of the Shoal Creek series titled Huntin' Shoal Creek at the Fairfax Village Antique Market.

Customers made their way to get an autographed copy of the book, and to talk to the author about the book that we can all relate to. A book that makes a great Christmas gift.

"In this book, it's all about the same area (Riverview), where a twelve -year old young boy grows up on an island down the river, and his mother leaves him. The young boy is mentored by a man who was a catfisherman but unfortunately died of a snake bite. The young boy then meets Rep who was in the first book "Shoal Creek", and the story develops from there", said Bledsoe in an interview with the Chambers Ledger.

Bledsoe, who is a Korean War Veteran, and retired from the Mills discovered his passion for writing later in life and is something he truly loves.

"I had fooled around with the idea years ago, but I just could not commit to doing it because it takes time to write 80,000 words. When Covid came out and I had time in the house, I thought of the stories I grew up with that were influenced by the men from that day that told the tales about going across the river to the Moonshiners, and some of the things that happened to them", added Bledsoe.

You can order a copy of Huntin' Shoal Creek on Amazon by simply typing in the name of the book or the author's name. as well as on Kindle.

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