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Looser Resigns: Lanett Councilman Steps Away To Spend More Time With Family

Story by Gator Kincaid

LANETT- On Wendsday, Lanett District Three Councilman Charles Looser officially announced his resignation from the council citing his desire to spend more time with his children, and grandchildren whom live in Auburn.

Looser, who has been on the council for the last seven years has been a constant fixture in Lanett going back to his days as Lanett School Superintendent , and before that Principal. He has been a reident of Lanett for over 70 years.

"My grankids, and their mother, and father have moved to Auburn, and I just felt it was time to spend more time with them. That was the reason. I has nothing to do with Lanett, I have always enjoyed working in Lanett. I has been a pleasure serving the people in District 3", said Looser.

Looser thanked the council, and spoke in detail about his appreciation about the relationships he has had with all of them. Afterward, each of them thanked Looser, and wished him the best in the future. One of those, a collegue for nearly 30 years in Lanett in Mayor Jamie Heard.

"I have worked with one another for many years. I worked with him when he was my Superintendent , and before that when he was Principal at the high school. He will truly be missed. He is not leaving because he's upset with anybody, but rather to be closer with his family, and he wish him much success", said Heard.

As for newely vacant District 3 seat, Lanett City Attorney Stanley Gray explained the council protocol.

The Lanett Council will meet again on Monday, June 20th, 2022 with hopes to fill the District 3 vacancy

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