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Mr. and Miss VHS Finalist Named

Last week Valley High School announced the finalist for the title of Mr. or Miss VHS.

"Each of you are highly regarded by the faculty and staff of Valley High School. Your character and leadership have earned you this honor, so thank you for representing Valley High School well", said Valley High School in a social media post.

Interviews for Mr. and Miss VHS will be held on Thursday, January 19th. Mr. and Mrs. VHS will be announced during the Vallerata Pageant on Saturday, January 26th.

The Finalist includes the following:

Boys: Matthew Bunn Jamarious Martin Caleb Poe Trevor Rudd Quendarius Story Mason Turnham

Girls (There was a 3-way tie. There will be 6 girls instead of 5): Treanna Bridges Larissa Brown Ciara Crim Kendal Godfrey Paola Gonzalez Darcee Wr