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Nelson Wins Sheriff's Republican Primary: Say's More Work To Do

Updated: May 27, 2022

On Tuesday, the voters of Chambers County cast thier ballots in the Republican primary, and in doing so decided that Jeff Nelson was the right man for the job. Nelso who secured 66.75% of the vote with 2,925 votes to Richard Carter's 1,457 votes.

Nelson will now go on to face Democrat Jeff Blackstone in the general primary on Novemeber 8th.

"I'm very happy, but we got a lot of work to do. I need to work even harder to build that trust in the community and for them to have confidence in me. We have more doors to knock on, and people to greet to open up that door for conservation do that I can earn thier trust. It's on to round two, said Nelson after Tuesday's win.

As for the opponent who came up short, a gracious Richard Carter spoke to Gator Media about the disappointment of the election,

"Obviously I'm disappointed, butthe voters have spoken, and I must accept thier decision. Like we said from the beginning of this race, we are going to run a clean race, and I am proud of that", said Carter.

This race was about two good canidates, but only one of them could win.

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