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NHCT Christmas Carol Draws Big Crowds

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Story by Gator Kincaid

Photo credit Lori Harrell

WEST POINT- Over the weekend, the New Horizon Community Theatre in West Point.

presented Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol. The play was directed by Bill Nixon, and this was the 5th time he has directed the Christmas classic.

Christmas Carol goes beyond other adaptations with a unique dramatic concept: At the opening curtain, Charles Dickens played by Ryan Kalenza is introduced to the audience, ready to present one of the famed platform readings of his stories that packed auditoriums in Europe and America. Of course, the story chosen is one that he often performed,

A Christmas Carol. The story unfolds behind him, and soon Dickens is weaving in and out of the action, observing, performing small roles, and interpolating short passages of the rich narrative never heard in other versions.

The audience was on the edge of their seat as Scrooge played by Chad Kendrick, Tiny Tim, played by Porter Scanlon, the Cratchits played by Garrison Brown, and Tara Laurel along with all those wonderful characters from Christmases past, and present.

"This was a great cast and was a pleasure to direct. Everybody from the first scene all the way to the backstage crew was just tremendous. I have directed this 5 times, and this cast ranks right up there with some of the best. Some of the principles have changed, but boy did they work hard, and the performance on stage showed", said Nixon

The 3-day run drew big numbers, and because of it an estimated $400 was given to the Christian Service Center. Additionally can foods were collected, and were also donated.

Coming up next for the New Horizon Community Theatre is Once Upon a December.

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