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No West Shawmut Day? Lanett Police Explains Why No Permits Were Issued For The Annual Event

Over the last few weeks, the West The Community has been active on social media regarding the upcoming West Shawmut Day or lack thereof. Last week the Lanett Police issued a press release on that very subject.

"The City of Lanett met with West Shawmut Day organizer Melvin Floyd and conveyed to him that there will be no permits, road blockages, or sanctioned gatherings for the event commonly known as West Shawmut Day on July 30, 2023.

There is still concern amongst the citizens that a large crowd may be in attendance. Our goal is to maintain peace in the area and keep our community safe. There will be traffic checkpoints throughout the weekend.

The Lanett Police Department has reached out to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and Chambers County Sheriff's Office for additional personnel to saturate the city to prevent any large gatherings, road blockage, DUI, drug use, ATVs, and golf carts on the roadways", said Lanett Police Chief Denise McCain in a release.

The Lanett Police Department requests the continued support of the community as they work to keep our streets open and our community safe.

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