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Over 100 Floats Participate In Valley-Wide Christmas Parade

Now, this is how you do a parade. Arguably one of the best Valley-Wide Christmas Parades ever, the 2022 version did not disappoint. Anticipation started early in the day as people, like years before, began setting up hours in advance.

Finally, the moment had arrived, as streets, and sidewalks lined up to catch a glimpse of the line-up of floats that started with Grand Marshall, the Meyers Family, and ended with ole Jolly St. Nick himself atop the East Alabama Fire Truck.

"What an amazing turnout. We had the most floats that we have ever had. Over 100 floats are tremendous, and they were decorated so well. I could not be happier with the turnout", said Valley Parks and Recreation Director Laurie Blount.

Last Year's parade saw eighty-plus participants, which is quite an upgrade this year.

"This is got to be one of the longest parades I have ever seen", said one resident.

'This is impressive. What a parade. Best I ever saw", added another resident.

Before the parade, the float decorating committee awarded the winning floats in various categories including School, Community, and Business:


1st Fairfax, 2nd Inspire Academy, 3rd Springwood.


1st valley Swim Team, 2nd Reed Foundation, 3rd Holy Family Church.


Warren Professional Service, 2nd Timeless Antiques, 3rd Berry Global

The parade route started with the lineup at Fred's in Lanett then started in downtown West Point, and continued through Lanett, going through Valley concluding at Walmart in Valley.

Yes, there is nothing like the Valley Wide Christmas Parade. A parade that defines community comradery.

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