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Piedmont Motorsports Racing Team Wins Stock Car Race In Middle School Division In Annual Race

Pictured above, is Inspire Academy Car 222 taking off in the high school division in race action.

Students from Inspire Academy in LaFayette hosted the annual Inspire Academy 400 racing event on Saturday, October 1st. The first race began at 8:45 a.m. with the day concluding with the race awards ceremony at 5 p.m. There were 19 racing teams representing 13 different schools in all that registered to compete in this GreenPower USA event. The Piedmont Motorsports Racing Team is a competition team made up of students from Chambers County. All of the students take classes at Inspire Academy participating in the engineering and manufacturing programs.

The Chambers County Grand Prix hosted both high school and middle school team competitions on Saturday. The middle school competed in both Stock Car Races and Modified Car Races. The high school team competed in Stock Car, Modified Car, and Custom Car Races. The team coaches are Mr. Seth Stehouwer and Mr. Tim Blanks that serve as teachers at Inspire Academy. The racing for the day had over 250 + student participants from schools across both Alabama and Georgia. The day brought hundreds of parents, grandparents and fans to the campus of Inspire Academy to cheer on the drivers which saw fan attendance pushing 400.

The racing teams set up pit crew stops on what became pit road on the main infield for the racing track. All drivers went through the driver safety training meeting and cars were scrutinized closely for modifications to ensure compliance. Each car used a transponder to track the number of laps travelled during each of the four racing heats that were hosted for competition. Inspire Academy Principal, Dr. Tyler Nelson noted the race was a big success thanks to the hard work of the teachers and coaches from Inspire Academy’s engineering and manufacturing program.

Inspire Academy Car #223 won the stock car race in the middle school division with 64 laps covering 26 miles.

Long Cane Middle School Car #999 won the modified car race with 72 laps covering 29 miles.

Bob Jones High School Car #1 won the modified H.S. car race with 70 laps covering 28 miles.

Oxford High School car #99 won the H.S. advanced custom car race with 72 laps covering 29 miles.

Oxford High School car #777 won the H.S. stock race with 61 laps covering 24 miles.

⦁ The Piedmont Motorsports Racing high school team from Inspire Academy also put in a tremendous amount of effort to host the inaugural race for the 2022-23 season.

Academy will take place on Friday, November 4th in Oxford. The next home race for the team at Inspire Academy will be hosted on Saturday, March 18, 2023.

Pictured above, Inspire Academy Coach Tim Blanks looks out from Pit Road as the high school team car races by.

Pictured above: Inspire Academy Coach Seth Stehouwer presents awards to the winning teams gathered after a long day of racing.

The winning team from Inspire Academy in the Middle School Division covering over 26 miles in car # 223.

Pictured below: Proud middle school racers from Inspire Academy after a big day on the race track!

Inspire Academy needs to pit car #222 pictured above. Race action below from the back curve.

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