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4 Local Veterans Recieve Quilts of Valor

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

WEST POINT- On Saturday, during the September Quilts of Valor Ceremony from in West Point as four Veterans received their personal quilts.

Those Veterans included the following:

Norman Williams who served in the United States Army, Julius Hughey who served in the United States Army, Leonard Thrower who served in the United States Army, and Lawrence Carr who served in the USMC

"We wanna welcome everybody here and want to thank all the ladies for all their hard work. They are here every month sewing quilts for our veterans and appreciate the ladies, but most importantly we appreciate the veterans for the service they have provided for our country. We just want to honor the veterans and welcome them to West Point, and", said Steve Tramell, owner of, and Mayor of West Point, Georgia.

The 4 Veterans were surrounded by family and friends as they received their quilt.

"Quilts of Valor is a National Foundation of people who make quilts to cover service members and Veterans who have been touched by war in order to provide comfort, honor, and gratitude for their services and sacrifices.

In 2003, Catherine Roberts founded Quilts of Valor when her son was deployed to Iraq. Always feeling close to panicking over her son's deployment, one night she dreamed of a post-deployment warrior sitting on the side of his bed struggling with his war demons during the night.

As the dream continued she saw him sitting on the side of his bed wrapped in his quilt, and his whole demeanor changed to one of hope, and well-being.

From this vision Quilts of Valor Foundation began. Catherine awarded the first Quilts of Valor to Veterans at Walter Reed Hospital as a way to say that someone cared. It took her small group three years to make the first 100 Quilts of Valor", said Simpson in her opening remarks from the program.

In May 2014, Quilts of Valor awarded the 100,000 quilt at Walter Reed Hospital where the first Quilts of Valor was awarded in 2003. As of today, Quilts of Valor was awarded 320,927 quilts to Veterans.

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