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Self-Defense: Father Fatally Shot By Son In West Point

A social gathering that went terribly, and tragically wrong transpired at the West Depot on Saturday resulting in a fatal shooting of a father. West Point Police responded, and investigated. Afterward, a distraught community reacted on social media following the press release issued to local media on Monday.

"After further Investigation, it was found that Tarrance Holloway Sr. brought a firearm into the West Point Depot and shot his son, Terrance Holloway Jr, after a prior dispute between the two. Upon a second attempt to fire at Holloway Jr, the wife of Tarrance Holloway Jr., Minnie Holloway, stepped in to prevent her husband from shooting her son a second time, resulting in her receiving a gunshot wound from Tarrance Sr. as well.

At this time, Trayvon and Erica Holloway, children of Tarrance Sr. and Minnie Holloway, got into a fight with Tarrance Sr., who at the time still had the firearm in his possession. At the time of the fight, an investigation found that Tarrance Sr. attempted to fire at his children Trayvon and Erica. Trayvon was able to retrieve the firearm from Tarrance Sr. during the fight and at this time Tarrance Sr. was shot by his son Trayvon", said West Point Police in a press release to the Chambers Ledger.

Trayvon Holloway and Erica Holloway were initially charged but then were released from the Troup County Sheriff’s Office after an investigation determined that the shooting death of the deceased, Tarrance Holloway Sr. was found to be in self-defense.

The West Point Police Department would like to thank the West Point EMS, Lanett EMS, Lanett Police Department, and Georgia State Patrol for their assistance and quick response regarding this incident.

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