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SU's Caldwell Named President Elect of New Board

Southern Union State Community College Emergency Medical Services instructor and Health Sciences Dual Enrollment Coordinator Anthony Caldwell has been named chairman-elect of the Alabama HOSA and Health Science Education Board of Directors.

The newly-formed board will oversee the design and execution of health sciences curriculum on the secondary level. The purpose is to help facilitate conversation among teachers to ensure the quality of instruction, therefore better equipping future healthcare providers with the tools they need to be successful in their education/jobs after high school.

“I am honored to be a part of this board to help shape the direction of health sciences programs in the state K-12 system,” said Caldwell. “We hope to support secondary educators so that their programs can reach their full potential.”

The Board is composed of Career Technical Directors and Health Science Instructors from different school systems around the state, as well as representatives from various health care systems in Alabama, and instructors from several post-secondary institutions in Alabama.

For more information on the Health Sciences Programs at SUSCC visit

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