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Talking Consolidation: Chambers BOE Votes On Revised School Conloidation Plan

On Tuesday, Chambers County School Superindendent Casey Chambley and the Board of Education voted in suport on the following condolidation measures:

Starting School Year 2022-20023, Five Points Elementary School will close, and all K-8th grade students who attend Five Points will be relocated to Eastside Elementary.

Starting School Year 2022-20023, J.P Powell Middle School will close all 6th-8th grade students who attend JPP will be relocated to Eastside.

Starting School Year 2022-20023, Lafayette Lanier Elementary School will close. All 3rd-5th grade students who attend Lafayette Lanier will be relocated to Fairfax Elementary School.

As for the high school consolidation, starting School Year 2023-20024, LaFayette High School will close contingent upon the start of the construction of the new high school prior to June 30th, 2023. All 9th-12th grade students at LaFayette High School will temporarily be relocated to the high school campus at Valley (under a new name, mascot, and color scheme) while the new high school is being constructed.

The afermenioned actions are subject to approval through the legal process in Federal Court.

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