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The City Of Lanett Recognizes Charter Foundation With Appreciation Presentation

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

LANETT- On Wednesday, during the Lanett Mayor and Council meeting, Lanett Police Chief Johnny Wood recognized the Charter Foundation for providing the purchase of new radios and microphones for the entire police department.

"We've had a need for quite some time, as our radios were over fifteen years old, and some were beginning to show wear, and tear, and in need of repair. We sought the Charter Foundation's help in assisting with the replacement of the new radios, and microphones. The Charter Foundation has been very generous, and tonight on behalf of the City of Lanett, and the Lanett Police Department I would like to present Mr. Bill Gladden who serves as the Vice President of the Charter Foundation with this letter of appreciation", said Wood

The Charter Foundation was established in 1995. It was endowed by Charter Federal. The Charter Federal Board of Directors felt that the success of the Savings and Lone was because of the people of The Valley and LaGrange. In appreciation they established the Foundation which would continue to give back for years to come.

Skip forward 10 years. The board of the Foundation had been making all of the decisions about grants. The idea was born to let the Charter Bank customers decide; and thus, customer voting was born. We would let customers vote for their favorite charity and award $5,000 to those charities getting the most votes. Initially we ran the program in each market we served.

September of 2018, Charter Bank was sold to Center State bank, however, the Foundation became totally independent of the bank. The Charter Foundation was now on is own. What about Customer voting, because we had no customers; but we did have some great communities. The Board decided to pull back to our roots and concentrate on the LaGrange and valley areas.

Well, we have done just that. On June 3rd the polls opened. This year there are 82 organizations viaing for one of ten $5,000 awards (43 in LaGrange & 40 in the valley) This year we have gone from 3 awards in each area to 5 and you no longer are limited to voting in one area, you can vote for any organization on the ballot.

The rules are simple:

2. Click o the VOTE HERE button

3. You will see a screen of information about the voting. Go to the bottom of the screen and click on NEXT

4. Scroll through the ballot and vote for up to 5 organizations

At the bottom of the ballot there are 4 “no votes”. If you do not vote for 5 organizations, mark enough “no votes” to make a total of 5 boxes checked. You cannot cast your ballot until EXACTLY 5 boxes are checked.

5. At the very bottom of the ballot, click the VOTE button and your ballot is cast

6. Go tell others that support your organization how to vote.

If you don’t vote, you can’t win. Last year Knights Basketball, Circles of Troup County and Harmony house in LaGrange and Point University, The Christian Service Center and Huguley Elementary all found out they were getting an extra $5,000 to spend as they pleased.

Get the vote out and that could be your organization.

A few rules

· You can vote for up to 5 organizations

· You can only vote once

· You must live in Troup or Harris County Georgia or Chambers County Alabama

· The organization must be a 501(c)(3) or other qualified tax-exempt organization

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